WorldSkills Kazan 2019 closes with a spectacular Closing Ceremony

27 August 2019, Kazan, Russia

WorldSkills Kazan 2019, which was held in the Russian Federation over the past five days, came to an end with a Closing Ceremony that featured music, dance, and fireworks. Around 35,000 people attended the event at the Kazan Arena.

More than 1,350 Competitors from 63 countries and regions competed to win prestigious medals in 56 skills areas. China led the final medal table by total medal points, with 16 golds. Russia took 14 golds, and Korea seven.

The Albert Vidal Award, which is given to the best in competition, was won by Russian, Anastasiia Kamneva, who competed in Chemical Laboratory Technology.

“To all our Champions, I say a huge well done,” said the President of WorldSkills, Simon Bartley. “You came here as the best of the best and leave even better. You are WorldSkills ambassadors and I ask you to use every opportunity to spread the message that ‘skills change lives’.”

The Closing Ceremony was also attended by the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, as well as the Deputy Prime Minister of Russia, Tatyana Golikova, and the President of the Republic of Tatarstan, Rustam Minnikhanov.

“This competition has become the largest and most representative in the history of the movement. It has become a remarkable, unforgettable, and grand event,” said the Russian President, Vladimir Putin.

“Half a million Russian citizens have already joined this movement, while the number of supporters and participants is steadily growing. In our country WorldSkills has become a key element of an advanced system of professional training which we are developing.”

The Closing Ceremony was a grand event which included performances by the Kazakh singer, Dimash, and the Russian rapper, Levan Gorozia. WorldSkills Kazan 2019 was the 45th WorldSkills Competition, and the first to be held in the Russian Federation. It was also the largest to date with an estimated 270,000 people attending the event which included Opening and Closing Ceremonies, and skills celebrations in public parks.

The overall event sponsor was Samsung. “Samsung is proud to have been a partner of the WorldSkills movement for over a decade,” said Mr DS Jang, the Secretary General of Samsung Skills, Vice President of Samsung Electronics Headquarters.

“As a technological company with a 50-year history, we understand the value of knowledge and expertise, which is why we are committed to actively supporting young skilled professionals by promoting skills excellence and sponsoring WorldSkills Competitions.”

At the end of the ceremony the WorldSkills flag was handed over by the Russian hosts, to a delegation from China. The 46th WorldSkills Competition will be held in Shanghai, China in September 2021.


Membanggakan! Siswa SMK Kontingen Indonesia Raih 15 Medali dalam Kompetisi World Skill Kazan 2019

Kompetisi keterampilan sedunia (World Skills Competition/WSC) yang digelar di Kazan, Rusia pada 22-27 Agustus 2019 telah berakhir. Kegiatan ini merupakan event 2 tahunan yang mempertemukan para kontingen terbaik setiap negara dibidang masing-masing untuk mengkontestasikan keterampilannya. Pesertanya adalah vocational high school atau kalau di Indonesia adalah Siswa SMK.

Dalam pelaksanaan WSC 2019 ini, Indonesia wakil Indonesia akan bertanding antara lain di bidang pembuatan kabinet, IT software solutions for business,mobile robotics, terapi kecantikan, tata rambut, teknologi dalam fashion, prototip modelling, plumbing dan heating, servis restoran hingga mekatronik. Sekitar 1.300 peserta dari 78 negara akan unjuk kemampuan dalam kompetisi bergengsi tersebut.

Kontingen Indonesia terdiri dari peserta lomba yang terbagi menjadi dua, lulusan SMK yang disebut competitor dan mereka yang sudah bekerja baik sebagai guru SMK maupun bekerja di perusahaan (expert). Jumlah competitorada 32 orang, sedangkan para expert yang mewakili Indonesia ada 29 orang. Mereka akan mengikuti 58 jenis lomba. Sisanya, pimpinan delegasi, delegasi teknis, pimpinan tim dan lainnya.

Pada WSC Kazan 2019 ini Indonesia berhasil membawa 3 medali yang terdiri dari 2 medali perak dan 1 perunggu. Untuk medali perak diraih pada bidang  IT Network Systems Administration dan IT Software Solutions for Business dan Medali Perunggu pada bidang Plastic Die Engineering. Selain itu juga penghargaan medali juga diberikan kepada kontingen dari 12 bidang lainnya yaitu: Web Technologies, Automobile Technology, CNC Milling, Welding, Restaurant Service, Graphic Design Technology, Mechanical Engineering CAD, Hairdressing, Electronics, Industrial Control, Mechatronics, Fashion Technology.

Ini merupakan prestasi yang sangat membanggakan bagi Indonesia dalam menunjukkan aksinya dalam pentas kejuaraan Dunia. Hal ini juga menandakan bahwa siswa SMK bisa berprestasi di kancah Internasional.